We make it

We could tell you about our complete portfolio of digital solutions used within Volvo Car retail. But we won't. Believe us, we are passionate about developing and taking care of our solutions. But the solutions are important only when they are used to reach positive effects. That is why we have decided to tell you how this is done.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Our goal is to make thing easier. We help our users create a flow in their everyday work. We help them work smarter and save time that can be used to create even more value.

3000000 work orders

Flows through our solutions annually

supporting the Personal Service Technicians in the workshops, maintaining and repairing cars.

+ 240 000 cars

Cars are sold annually through our solutions

New and previously owned cars. Privately owned and enterprise cars. They all flow through our solutions.

+ 250 000 online bookings

Are made annually by Volvo Car customers

An increasing amount of car customers handle their workshop bookings through their mobile phones, tablets or computers. 


More flow when we simplify the life of a service technician

The Personal Service Technicians keep Volvos in motion. Every year they maintain and repair more than 1 million cars. To handle such large quantities while taking good care of the customers, support from efficient digital solutions that are easy to use and that saves time are crucial. We have managed to cut half of the administrative time for our Personal Service Technicians.

Basically, we have built our solutions to create better flow during the day. We have optimized every section, from workshop bookings, the job in the workshop and, finally, the handover of the finished car. We give the technician a good start of the day with an overview of the calendar. Through this, the technicians can plan their work and create a good structure. When the job is about to be done, we have strived to minimize friction by making the solutions easy to learn and creating simple flows through the systems. To give our technicians more time with the customer and the car.


Buying a car should be an experience

Today, buying a car is a customer journey online as well as in the showroom. An increasing number of customers enjoy the freedom of shifting between the digital and physical experience, when it suits them. The customer can start by building their car on a tablet at home and continue a few hours later in the showroom. We offer the possibility to book a test drive online or sign a business proposal from home.

This demands new digital solutions. The car retailer wants an updated and overall picture of the customers preferences, including cars built online, test drive bookings, business proposals or car orders. Making services available online to the end customer as well as supporting our car retailers. That is our mission and our passion.


Online bookings - loved by the customers

With modern it-solutions as a foundation we create possibilities for digitalization. Today we offer a variety of online booking functions. These functions are available at Volvo retailers web sites and in the My Volvo app.

In short, the functions are available where the customers want them. Service, repair or wheel shift bookings are a few examples. The advantages are obvious. What recently demanded time from the workshop personnel can now be managed by the car owner themselves. And they like it. The number of online bookings increases every year, resulting in even more time saved for our Personal Service Technicians.