We are

We are a mix of people within different areas of competence. The core of our organization are developers and specialists. They work close to our customers to simplify everyday work and digitize Volvo Car retail. Colleagues within strategic and operative areas are there to support and develop our business and organization in different ways.


From twenty-five to two hundred

We started out as” Volvohandelns utvecklingsbolag” in 1991. Back then, we had twenty-five employees and an office in Angered, north of Gothenburg. A lot has happened since then. Today we are nearly two hundred employees working at Lindholmen, an expansive area close to the city center.

Every day we make work easier for over ten thousand users within Volvo Car retail in various countries. We primarily support Volvo, but also brands like Renault, Dacia and Ford.

Fun facts

Volvo Car Retail Solutions in numbers

  • We started in 1991 as ”Volvohandelns Utvecklingsbolag”
  • Most of our two hundred employees work in Lindholmen, Gothenburg
  • Our solutions are used in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Japan
  • We make work smoother for nearly ten thousand users within car retail
  • Our primary brand is Volvo, but we also support other brands  
  • More than 250 000 cars are sold yearly with the support of our solutions

The digital engine

We are part of a large context. Everything evolves around our customers; the Volvo car dealers and their customers. To make their everyday work as smooth as possible it takes a complete ecosystem of different stake-holders. Car manufacturers, companies who offer car leasing, financing, insurance, fuel and service agreements. We connect every part digitally, for a seamless user experience. 

+ 500 integrations

Between oss and our partners

To reach the ultimate customer experience.


Our solutions are gathered under the name TACDIS (Truck and Car Dealer Information Systems). Originally, they were, as the name implies, used by both car- and truck dealers, but today we work solely towards car retail.

It is important to us to have a holistic perspective on the processes that our customers and the car customers go through. Accordingly, we work to deliver a value that is bigger than the sum of our solutions. An approach to make car retail run even smoother.